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Cirugía general-Irán

जनरल सर्जरी-ईरान

일반 외과이란

pembedahan umum-Iran


Genel Cerrahi-İran

Chirurgia generale-Iran


Chirurgie générale-Iran

الجراحة العامة - إيران

جنرل سرجری ایران  

Общая хирургия-Иран

General Surgery-Iran

General Surgery

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General surgery is a medical discipline that involves performing various types of surgical procedures to treat a broad range of health problems and diseases.

In general surgery, the surgeon is expected to perform both pre- and post-operative care and management other than the surgery itself. General surgeons can diagnose several types of diseases, especially those that are related to the abdomen and the organs connected to it. These include bile ducts, liver, pancreas, spleen, appendix, small and large intestine, rectum, and the stomach. The surgeon may also operate the thoracic region, glands in the thyroids, and hernias. To a certain extent, general surgeons are also responsible for procedures performed on the skin and the breast.

General surgeons are also expected to treat burn patients. Hence, aside from hospitals, they can also be found in trauma centers and emergency departments.

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